These exclusive, one-off vintage altar pieces belonged to a former priest who has broad knowledge in both esoteric and Roman Catholic traditions.

After working alongside a chaplain during his service in the Australian Army, he joined the church and in 1979 was ordained as a priest in the Roman Catholic tradition.

TW (sexual abuse): During his work as a parish priest, it became clear to him that sexual abuse was being perpetrated by certain members of the church and despite numerous attempts to bring his concerns to higher authorities within the church, his pleas fell on deaf ears.  Following the inaction of the church to act on abuse claims, he became a police informant and whistle-blower during the late 70s and early 80s working to uncover sexual abuse and assault of women and children within religious organisations.

Having lost his faith in the church, he left the priesthood and continued his life’s work of attempting to understand the universe around him. This lead him on a vast spiritual journey, working with, amongst other things, Hermetic magick, the Rosicrucian tradition, Druidism, Freemasonry and Eastern religion. Throughout his life he continued with his martial arts practise, even opening a Kung Fu and Wushu martial arts school in 1985.

He continues to live a life of service, peace and learning and now in his late 60’s, works as a volunteer veteran’s advocate for returned service men and women. This gentleman believes it is now time for these pieces to move on so that they may bring magick and joy to someone else’s altar and so, with reverence for their history and deep personal story, they come to you.

PLEASE NOTE:  These pieces are sold in "as is", used condition.  While they have been polished, they are over 40 years old and have significant ware and "brass disease".  The energy of these pieces is wonderful, and there is still plenty of life left in them, however if you are looking to restore them to their former "as new" glory, they will require professional treatment which could be expensive.  Please view all photos for condition. 

As these are consignment pieces, no further discounts or sale pricing applies.  

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