Traditional taper candles available in two sizes, 9hour and 2hour burning time. Our natural candles are un-scented, pure and environmentally friendly and we highly recommend them for Candle Magick, Spellwork, Rituals etc. They are carefully hand-made in Australia from natural food grade waxes and no toxic chemicals or animal products. These taper candles are available in a rainbow of colours and are dyed with the same vegetable based dye used in Batik Art. 

Our candles contain no ashes or resins the wax used is a fully refined, food grade paraffin wax. This wax is used extensively in the food industry, it’s the same wax you find around cheese products and is even used on organic bananas. It has a high melt point of 62 degrees Celsius so no acids are required to harden it. The wicks are made of unbleached Australia cotton wicking. These candles are made using the age old method of dipping the wick continuously which gives you a perfect candle every time.

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