In July 2019 The Sacred Willow changed ownership and as part of the new vision for our business we committed to reducing our environmental impact as much as possible.

These are some of the initiatives we rolled out in the first twelve months of owning the business –

Our Shipping

  • We removed plastic bubble wrap and moved to landfill biodegradable bubble wrap or cardboard bubble wrap alternatives
  • We increased the usage of carboard boxes, uncoloured tissue paper and newspaper (which would otherwise go to landfill) wherever possible to ship items instead of plastic satchel bags
  • We found Australian owned, landfill biodegradable options for our packing tape, satchel bags and bubble wrap 
  • We ship via the Australia Post network who are committed to carbon neutral parcel delivery
  • We offset our carbon emissions through the Green Fleet network each year

Our Suppliers

  • We reuse packaging coming in to our business from our suppliers wherever we can
  • We now stock a range of Australian grown, plastic packaging free smoke bundles and sage varieties
  • We REDCycle any single use soft plastic packaging that comes from our suppliers and aim to support Australian businesses who don’t use plastic packaging wherever possible
  • We support a number of local Australian artisans producing small batch magick to reduce the carbon emissions required to ship product from international suppliers
  • We aim to source Australian grown, organic and wildcrafted herbs wherever possible
  • We source crystals from local people who no longer wanted them encouraging a circular economy in preference to buying newly mined crystals from wholesalers

Our Philanthropy

  • We use the Ecosia search engine, which uses a portion of their ad revenue to plant trees throughout the world
  • Our Philanthropy program aims to support charities that work to improve the health and wellbeing of our planet and her inhabitants
  • We support the Goloka incense company, who use the profits from the sale of their incense to do grass roots work in India to improve the health, nutrition and education of some of the world's poorest people

2020 and Beyond

As our business continues to evolve, we are always looking for ways to reduce our impact and improve our sustainability.  We aren't perfect, but we know that even small changes can make a huge difference.  

We believe that together, we can all make a difference in how we treat the Earth and we hope these steps we have taken help us to contribute to a more sustainable future.

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