Burning sacred herbs and resins to produce smoke has been practised by different cultures across the globe for thousands of years.  

Some examples include Indigenous Native Americans (smudging with white sage and the use of palo santo), Indigenous Aboriginal Australians (smoking ceremonies) and Scottish Folk Magic (saining).  You will even find incense and resin burning referenced in the Old Testament and incense is commonly burnt in temples throughout Asia.

 A note on our sourcing:

Palo Santo ~ Our palo santo is ethically and sustainably sourced from naturally fallen trees left for between 4-10 years.  For every fallen tree taken, seedlings are planted to continue to restore palo santo populations.

White Sage ~  The majority of our white sage is organically and sustainably grown here in Australia and is harvested by hand.  We also offer a variety of alternatives to white sage such as lavender, pine and juniper smoke bundles.  

Australian Native Smoke Bundles ~ Our Australian native smoke bundles are sustainably hand crafted on the NSW Mid North Coast by an intuitive healer in consultation with members of the local Indigenous Aboriginal community.  

Our hope is that, as a diverse spiritual supply store catering to a broad range of practitioners, we are able to offer a selection of products suitable for your personal cultural practise. 

We also offer a range of herbs and resins sold in loose form for use on charcoal disks as well as incense sticks, cones and rope incense.  



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