Wearing crystal jewellery is a convenient and attractive way carry your precious and semi-precious crystals. There are many styles of jewelery to chose from including crystals wrapped in wire and strung on a chain, tumbled gemstone beads strung together, even stunning faceted gemstones can be used for gemstone healing. Gemstones set in gold, silver and copper are a great way to wear your jewellery as these metals help to conduct the energy of the stones.

Although tumbled stones are a fantastic resource for crystal healing there is a fantastic alternative, Gemstone jewellery. It is widely believed that in order to get the maximum benefits from your crystals skin-to-stone contact is optimal.The size of the stones you wear does not matter and they can be worn anywhere on the body. Our bodies are surrounded by an etheric body that directs our energies to the appropriate area, this means a stones healing energy will be transported to where it is needed. So whatever you chose to wear including pendants, necklaces, bracelets, rings or earrings the healing energy will benefit your entire body.

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