Figure or Image Candles are molded candles used to symbolise people, ideals or concepts in spiritual workings. Much like poppets or "voodoo dolls", figure candles utilise sympathetic magick to aid in spellcasting. 

They are typically dressed like any other candle and then marked and named for a specific person. An Image or Figure candle can represent you or another person. These are excellent for focusing your purpose and can be made very personal with life like carvings, inscriptions etc. Anointed with specific purpose Mystical Oils, roll them in specific finely ground Herbs or Magickal Sprinkling Powders. Use Parchment Paper to write your purpose and place under your figure candle. Uses for an image candle can include healing, to represent the sick person and to heal the afflicted area. Especially if you have to do a distance healing where the person has given you permission but can't be present at the ritual. These candles while originally from the Hoodoo Rootwork tradition are used in the craft and employ the usual candle colour magic meanings.

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