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Throughout the centuries herbs, roots and bark have been used for medicinal and magickal purposes.

Our range of magick herbs and powders come in fantastic little packs perfect for when you only want a little bit to cast a spell or try something new. Once you decide what kind of spell you would like to cast, you can choose the herbs you feel will be most beneficial according to your intentions. Mojo bags are a great way to incorporate herbs into your magick spells. If you are more experienced with herbs, magickal teas, soaps and potions are also another way we use herbs. However there are many poisonous herbs out there so the rule is "when in doubt....don't risk it". 

We have listed the most common magical uses for herbs on each product page and included some warnings if applicable. These warnings are a guide only and although some magical herbs are safe in small quantities they can be poisonous in large doses or if used incorrectly. 

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