As part of our vision, we give back to our community whenever we can.  These can be one off donations, ongoing contributions or volunteer work.  We're committed to continuing to do this whenever we can to help make our world a better place and do our best to choose organisations that are reputable and in line with our ethics for a sustainable future.  

Here's our contributions so far -

Ongoing yearly donations:

  • World Wide Fund for Nature - $120 per year

      (Courtney, the owner of The Sacred Willow, has made this yearly donation to the WWF for over 20 years)

Donations 2020: 

  • WIRES animal rescue (NSW Bushfire Disaster) - January 2020 - Receipt # 37487 - $250
  • Red Cross Australia (NYE ABC Bushfire Fundraising Appeal) - January 2020 Receipt #DON15812 - $250
  • Groundwork Challenge (Bush Heritage Australia supporting Indigenous lead initiatives and projects on the ground to protect vulnerable habitats and species) - November 2020 - $100
  • Young Kings Tooowoomba Movember (Young Kings mentors young men and boys to become the leaders of tomorrow) - November 2020 - $30 

Donations 2021:

  • Common Ground (resources for all Australians to see the value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures by providing access to stories and knowledge) - January 26 2021 - Receipt #***9138 - $100
  • Common Ground - NAIDOC Week donation - Receipt #****452 - $100
  • "For India" - Donation to Akshaya Patra to assist with ongoing impacts of COVID pandemic.  The foundation has distributed over 12,00,00,000 meals since the onset of the pandemic across 19 states and has worked in India to provide meals and care packages to underprivileged children for over 20 years. August 2021 - Receipt ***220 - Happiness Kits providing food, education and hygiene supplies to 6 children.  

A huge thank you goes to our customers because without your support, we can't afford to make these contributions. 

We hope we can do our small bit to help others when they are in need.  

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