Soapstone Pentagram Altar Tile Pale Green 7.5cm

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Soapstone Pentagram Altar Tile

This altar tile is made from hand carved soapstone and features a large central pentagram which is representative of the four elements and the fifth element, the Divine.  
These altar tiles are hand carved so size and shape may be slightly different.

Diameter: 75mm
Thickness: 5mm

Pentagram Symbolism:
The upright pentacle is an ancient symbol and has been used in a range of religions throughout time. When enclosed in a circle the five point star becomes a pentagram. One of the points always faces up and this point represents spirit or divinity the other four points represent the four elements earth, fire, air and water. The pentagram is a protective symbol used to banish and ward off evil.

Altar Tile Uses

Altar tiles are crafted in the shape of symbols to represent ones faith and are often used as a focal point to draw energy onto your altar or ritual space. Also known as an Altar paten an altar tile can be used to rest your chalice or altar tile on so it does not come in direct contact with your altar. It can also be used as a n energy infused coaster for your herbs, incense burner and candles.

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Specialising in:
Online ritual, spiritual, witchcraft and wiccan supplies Australia
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