Wooden Athame Ritual Dagger with Pentacle 23cm

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Wooden Athame Ritual Dagger with Pentacle 23cm

This athame has been carved from wood, and does not have a sharp edge.  This athame is suitable for use in place of a metal athame and is a good option for those not wanting a metal knife or dagger during ritual.  Sold unadorned, this athame could be personalised by adding ribbons, leather or crystals.  

As this is a natural product, each athame is unique and some variation in wood grain will occur.  

Length: 23cm

Width at widest point: 3cm


A witches athame is a double edged blade and often it is said that an athame should have a black handle but this is usually a coven preference and an athame should be chosen when it speaks to you no matter what the colour. Athames typically have a blunt blade to avoid any unwanted accidents during your rituals.

The athame is a tool used to channel energy and represents the masculine in rituals and ceremonies.

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Athames are sold as decorative items only.  

Specialising in:
Online ritual, spiritual, witchcraft and Wiccan supplies Australia
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