Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year Poster 2022

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Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year Poster 2022 

Beautifully captured on 170gsm satin paper, this 2022 calendar poster (600mm x 600mm) is specifically designed for the southern hemisphere with a primary focus on Australia.  This unique poster tracks the solar year and lunar phases and multiple layers are incorporated to represent the cycles of nature, humanity and the heavens. 


The dates are AEST and incorporate DST where applicable. In Western Australia the Autumn Equinox is on 20 March 2022. Moon phase adjustments for other Australian time zones are:


First quarter moon:

Queensland/Northern Territory - February the day prior

Western Australia - February, June, 1 December the day prior


Third quarter moon:

Queensland - January, November the day prior

South Australia - July, November the day prior

Northern Territory/Western Australia – January, July, November the day prior


The High Priestess is the central figure of the poster, and is the Major Arcana card II in most traditional tarot decks. She represents the hidden knowledge of the inner workings of the universe, the law of cyclic action and polarity. The Moon’s image, phase and oscillation are as viewed from the southern hemisphere. The phases of the Moon correspond with the waxing and waning of the lunar month, the seasonal year and the trine aspect of the Triple Goddess - maiden, mother, and crone


At an easy glance, you can see which tropical zodiac sign we are moving through and whether it is an earth, air, wind or fire element. Each of these are bordered either by gold signifying masculine orientation or silver for a feminine orientation. Astrological Wheel of the Year festival dates are shown along with the southern hemisphere Moon phases. Micro and super moons are noted along with lunar eclipses.


The four main cardinal points refer to the daily and seasonal arc-like path the Sun appears to follow across the northern sky in the southern hemisphere. The images of the Sun are used to denote this movement, its arc moving high across the sky in summer and low throughout the cooler months.


The outer circle displays Australian native flora along the spectrum of the artist’s colour wheel. Ten months are represented by an Australian native that flowers in the month and colour that corresponds to the colour wheel. The warm and cool colours of the natives simulate the progressive subtle thermal changes occurring throughout the year. The constellation of Orion, seen in the north west early in the evening in March is featured. The Jewel Box, located in the July position, is left of the Southern Cross, and can be found high in the southern sky at this time of year.


All of these areas and more are expanded in detail in the 105 page Southern Hemisphere Wheel of the Year Companion Guide 2022 which is available as a digital download direct from Southern Wheel

Meet The Maker:

Lisa Mitchell is an artist, writer and creatrix living in the northern NSW region.  She felt compelled to create a reference for Australian pagans that was easy to use and so, the Southern Wheel was born.  In her words, "Earth or nature-based religions and practices are becoming more mainstream as people search for meaning and connection in a world that has become more frenetic and chaotic than ever. My focus has been on encapsulating the essence of cycles rather than the many varied specifics of modern Paganism. It is also with great respect that my eyes are opening to the history and traditions of the First Nations people and their intrinsic connection to country."  You can find her at . 


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Specialising in:
Online ritual, spiritual, witchcraft and wiccan supplies Australia
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