Peach Moonstone Gemstone Rune Set Small B Grade 1cm

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Peach Moonstone Gemstone Rune Set Small B Grade 1cm

This set of runes are hand-crafted using a set of tumbled and polished peach moonstone. Each symbol of the Elder Futhark Runes is then carved into the surface of the crystal and painted in gold.

These runes are smaller than our standard rune sets (measuring up to 1cm in size) and are priced accordingly.  Please review the photos as these are a B grade crystal with some stones being of a poorer quality than our more expensive sets.  These sets are perfect for a beginner or someone just starting their rune journey who is unsure of committing finances for a premium rune set.  They have been reduced in price accordingly due to the B grade quality of the stones used.  

This set of runes comes with a pouch and colour and shapes may vary slightly as this is a natural product made from the gifts of mother earth.  

About Runes
In the western parts of Europe, before people were able to write. they would often carve images such as people, animals, weapons and body parts into the walls of caves and rocks. These carvings were referred to as runes. Runes comes from the Gothic word runa which translate to 'a secret thing or mystery'. Form here runes became more than just a text, they became powerful sigils that carry magical properties and meaning that are represented by each letter.

Depending on where runes were found they have changed significantly over the centuries. Often taken around the country by traders, adventurers and warriors the runes had to adapt into a common alphabet which we now call FUThARK. FUThARK runes consist of a set of 24 which are split into 3 groups. These three groups (or aettit) a were given their names in honor of the three gods Freyr, Hegal and Tyr. The word FUThARK is named after the first six letters of the FUThARK alphabet.

Often runes come in a set of 25. This is a relatively new addition in which a blank rune has been added. This blank rune represents the unknown or the divine. Some people choose not to cast with this rune and use it as a spare just in case they misplace a rune.

Runes can be made from bone, wood or crystal. The energy of crystal runes will help to boost your readings and magic. For each individual Rune Meaning visit our Rune Meaning Page.

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Specialising in:
Online ritual, spiritual, witchcraft and Wiccan supplies Australia
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