Palo Santo (Holy Wood) - 2 Sticks - Appx. 16gms

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Palo Santo (Holy Wood) - 2 Sticks - Appx 16gms

Approximate Size: 7-10cm x 1-2cm
Part Used: Wood
Palo Santo or "Holy Wood" is a sacred tree that grows on the coast of South America. Traditionally this earthy scented wood was used by shamans, healers and elders in ritual prayer, purification ceremonies and for healing purposes. The ancients believed the tree had both magical and healing properties that would only be cultivated if the tree was allowed to live a full life and given a respectful death. They would only use wood from naturally fallen palo trees that had been lying peacefully for an extended period after which they were then dried, aged and eventually burned during rituals. The resulting sacred smoke bath was believed to have metaphysical properties that both purified negative energies and attracted positive ones. 

This sweet smelling wood is lit on one end and then blown out to allow it to smoulder.  

Today, the harvesting of palo santo wood is strictly regulated with the same guiding principles. Our supplier ensures this holy wood is treated with respect and per required practice only uses naturally fallen trees that have been lying peacefully for between 4-10 years. In fact, every fallen tree that is taken, is replaced with a seedling working towards continuously restoring the palo santo population.

As this is a natural product, some variation will occur between products.  This item is sold "naked" without plastic packaging.  

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-Always use caution when burning smudge sticks, they are hot and will burn the skin and holes in fabric.
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-Burn smudge sticks in a ventilated area.


Specialising in:
Online ritual, spiritual, witchcraft and Wiccan supplies Australia
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    Palo Santo - dissolve all tension and stress

    Posted by Mia O on 22nd Feb 2020

    I love this wood, the scent is refreshing, enlivning and completely relives me of any stress or tension I may be feeling. Great to 'lift' the spirits and the feeling in a room or even the whole house when needed.

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    great product

    Posted by Penny Solorzano on 8th Dec 2017

    I love the Palo Santo smudge sticks. They smell divine and work wonders in the home or office.

  • 5
    Amazing Product

    Posted by Vimbai Mutero on 8th Dec 2017

    Great Stuff!

  • 5
    Palo Santo Smudge Stick - 2 Sticks - Holy Wood.

    Posted by Scott G. Forrest on 8th Dec 2017

    The scent of this wood is Divine. Generous size and great value for money. As many would testify, a must in any Practitioner's apothecary.

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